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A patio room -- also called a sunroom -- from Arch Home Improvements combines delightful surroundings and a peaceful setting so you can enjoy quality time for years to come. You can enjoy the great outdoors with the indoor comfort of a beautiful enclosure.

We have built rooms in Ashland, Ohio, Mansfiled, Ohio, Wooster, Ohio and many many other locations.  For example we have done work in Medina County, Ohio, Lorian County, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.  So wherever you are, get in touch with us.


Should I add a Patio Room or a Deck?

For more and more people the simple answer to that question is both.  In our climate you can enjoy a patio room for many more days a year than a deck.  However for grilling, sunning, or just enjoying the fresh air nothing can beat a deck.

We recently completed a patio room project that included a small deck.

Patio Room / Sunroom near Ashland Ohio


The patio room above will add many hours of "outdoor living" when the elements are harsh.  Even in relatively mild weather many folks enjoy being "bug-free" in their "outdoor living room."

What would you enjoy doing in your patio room?  Some people like it for watching T.V., enjoying their morning coffee, or just relaxing.  A patio room is also a great place for young ones.  As you can see from the picture gallery, patio rooms can range from basic to stunning.

I have been asked, "What is the difference between a patio room, a sun room and a Florida room?"   There is none.  You can call your room whatever you want.

This maintaince free composite deck will be enjoyed for years to come.

The above deck blends in with the new patio room.  The bench not only adds seating area, but it also creates a great perimeter border.  This composite deck comes with a twenty-five year warranty on the material.  It will be enjoyed for many years.

For some folks the answer to the question in our title is both.  We are always delighted to visit your home and discuss the solutions that best fit your situation.




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What is a Sunroom?


 Relaxing in your own patio Room

Sunrooms are known by many names.  Some folks call them patio rooms, patio enclosures, sunscape sunrooms, sun rooms or Florida rooms.


No matter what you call them, sunrooms can be an escape from the ordinary.  Many people make their daily escape to their own sunroom and let the stress of the day melt away. 


A lot of  people use them to enjoy their morning coffee.   For some it’s their TV room, for others a place to relax in their hot tub.  You may prefer to just look at the great outdoors while you enjoy being warm and cozy in your own sunroom, no matter what the season. 


Your own sun room will keep you bug-free in the summer time as you take your daily vacation in your own home.


Sun rooms have many options.  Some folks will choose one of the 3-season sun rooms.  A 3-season sun room will allow you to enjoy it in most months.


4-season sun rooms are also available.   4-season sun rooms can be enjoyed year ‘round.


You can choose from many other options.


We have photographed a few of these sun rooms for your viewing enjoyment.


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Arch Home Improvements: Because Quality Still Matters
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