Arch Home Improvements designs dreams. Your dream can come true with a deck from Arch Home Improvements. Your custom deck will expand your living and entertaining space. Increase the value of your home and enjoy a beautiful place to just kick back and relax. We can build your deck out of any of the alternative decking materials (including stone on a deck frame) or the traditional wood. The choice is yours.


How we create the perfect deck for you

3 Costly Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their DecksYour deck is your outdoor room.  You can use it to barbeque, dine, lounge, soak up some sun, entertain or all of these.  You decide!

There are many decking options.  We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the perfect decking for your needs and enjoyment.  Railing options also abound.  Some customers are enjoying the unique rail systems we have put together for them.  It’s your choice!

What about amenities?  You choose which ones, if any, you want.  We’ll help you fully explore amenities such as benches, planter boxes, pergolas (trellis), privacy screens, outdoor lighting, skirting choices, or any other unique feature that will enhance your deck project.  The goal is to make you long to get away to your own backyard.

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We begin by exploring how you intend to use your deck.  Then, depending on your personal taste, needs, and style, we design the perfect deck for you.  Your deck will be comfortable, beautiful and functional.

With our 3-D computer design, you get an excellent idea of what your deck will look like.


See an example below.


Please allow us to suggest some ideas we have gleaned from years of experience.  Working together we can design your perfect deck!

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Avoid Being Stuck with a Bad Looking Deck


I’ve seen some very bad looking new decks recently.  It got me to thinking, “Why would someone want a deck like that on their beautiful home?”


One answer might be that the homeowner just didn’t know any better.  I don’t know any other reason for going with a “cheaper” contractor on a nice home.


One example of a bad looking deck was on a home that we may have looked at.  This makes me especially sad.  We obviously didn’t do a good enough job of explaining the differences.


Perhaps another reason is more people have jumped into the deck building business with a slower economy.  One homeowner told me that this was the guys first deck job.  It sure looked like it.


What is the solution? 


You deserve to know what you’re getting.  How can this be accomplished?  Here are three ways.  (1) Homeowners can visit a showroom with a display deck built in it.  (2) A 3-D rendering of their deck has helped many folks visualize their deck ahead of time. (3) Looking at many deck photos of other projects can be of great help.


We hope your deck project turns out perfect!


If we can help, let us know.





1.  Improper Support

All that’s holding this deck to the posts are three nails.  If they give way due to rust or stress, injury could occur.

2.  Faulty Attachment

This deck does not have any joist hangers.  If the joist is only attached with nails, the connection could fail, resulting in deck collapse.

3.  Incorrect Post Spacing

These posts are spaced much too far apart to safely support this structure.

Why do projects like this get built?

In most cases it’s not because the builder tried to do a bad job. Normally it’s simply because they don’t have the knowledge or skill to do a good job.  We’ve recently heard of builders that have been using the wrong fasteners with the new pressure treated wood.  They simply didn’t know any better. 

Arch Home Improvements specializes in building custom quality decks.

Our installers are knowledgeable professionals with years of experience. Our consultants will show you many photos of our past projects. This will ensure that you make the perfect choice, uniquely designed for your home. We will explain how your deck is built and why we build it the way we do.  See "How We Create the Perfect Deck for You".   We think you’ll be impressed!

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Composite Decking-An Alternative to Wood

When planning your new deck, you may find composite decking a viable alternative to wood. Composite material adds value to your home, looks good and can be used for both flooring and rails.

This decking is virtually maintenance-free and eliminates sealing, staining and painting.

Composite decking is resistant to sun and water damage. Some products claim only a 5% fade over the lifetime of the product, which is warranted for 25 years. Composite decks are also warranted against cracking, peeling, chipping and warping.

Most composite decking is as cool or cooler to the touch than wood. It is also splinter-free, making it safe for children and animals.

Most composites are not slick when wet. Some will even be less slick than wood.

If maintenance-free living is high on your list of priorities, composite decking may be the solution for you.

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Choosing the right composite 

As composite decks have increased in popularity the number of manufacturers has skyrocketed.  I recently received a trade publication listing names of manufacturers.  The list was 85 names long.   That list just included the companies that paid to have their names included.

How then can one decide which company to use?  We are familiar with most of the more common ones and will help you make an informed choice.  Just give us a call.

Questions you may have about composite decking could include:

1.  What is the fade ratio?

2.  What colors are available?

3.  Can I use hidden fasteners?

4.  Does the railing color match the deck color?

5.  What is the guarantee?

6.  How long has the company been making composites?

7.  Where is the company located?  Is it a domestic or foreign company?

8.  Is the material recycled plastic or virgin material?  Does that matter?

Composite decks are a great investment but choosing the right contractor and the right brand is crucial.

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Free Deck Inspection

Don’t be caught dead on an unsafe deck!  We don’t want to be alarmists but deck failures have been on the increase according to the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA).  The NADRA states “between 2000 and 2008 there were at least 30 deaths reported as a direct result of deck collapse…”.

It is important to take a good look at your deck to make sure it is safe.  If maintenance, repair or replacement is needed it can be addressed, and you can enjoy the great outdoors safely.

If you are concerned about your deck, and live in our area, we will inspect your deck free of charge.  If anything needs to be done to ensure your safety we will make the necessary recommendations.  You can then decide what, if anything, you would like to do.


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Free Deck Inspection


Avoid Being Stuck with a Bad Looking Deck


3 Costly Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Decks


Arch Home Improvements: Because Quality Still Matters
Arch Home Improvements: Because Quality Still Matters
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