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The miracle of our new walk-in tub is...

"I don't need help my wife with her bath any more!"

Ed Butler relates his story about how his wife had fallen in tub 5 times before getting a walk-in tub.

Using a walk-in tub has added to Ed's peace of mind. Ed and his wife, both over 80, enjoy the convenience and safety of their new Elegant Walk In Tub.

As is the case with Ed's wife, many who previously needed help bathing can now do it themselves.  This affords a measure of dignity that wasn't available without the tub.  The peace of mind it allows the caregiver is immeasurable.

What health benefits can you expect?  Some of had great results.  For example the hydrotherapy in each tub promotes circulation, reduces arthritis pain, erases muscle strain, balances emotions and soothes the nerves.

While you relax and listen to your favorite FM station your bubbly bath never goes cold.  The simple reason is all tubs include an in-line heater which allows you to set the temperature wherever you choose.

The tub that Ed and his wife enjoy includes a 14 jet air bubble system and a 6 jet adjustable back massage system.

If you would like a brochure, or any more information about the Elegant Walk In Tub, please let me know.





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Posted by Jim Brown on December 5th, 2013    0 comments
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