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What is a Sunroom?


Sunrooms are known by many names.  Some folks call them patio rooms, patio enclosures, sunscape sunrooms, sun rooms or Florida rooms.


No matter what you call them, sunrooms can be an escape from the ordinary.  Many people make their daily escape to their own sunroom and let the stress of the day melt away. 


A lot of  people use them to enjoy their morning coffee.   For some it’s their TV room, for others a place to relax in their hot tub.  You may prefer to just look at the great outdoors while you enjoy being warm and cozy in your own sunroom, no matter what the season. 


Your own sun room will keep you bug-free in the summer time as you take your daily vacation in your own home.


Sun rooms have many options.  Some folks will choose one of the 3-season sun rooms.  A 3-season sun room will allow you to enjoy it in most months.


4-season sun rooms are also available.   4-season sun rooms can be enjoyed year ‘round.


You can choose from many other options.


We have photographed a few of these sun rooms for your viewing enjoyment.


If you have any questions about these projects, call 800-800-9343 or click here.


We are happy to come by your home and take a look at your site.






Should I Add a Patio Room or a Deck?


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