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We are now distributors for SoftWall Finishing Systems



Finish your basement using SoftWalls exclusive system

Use SoftWall Finishing Systems for Basement Finishing, Home Theaters and Office and Work Areas


Softwalls exclusive and versatile wall system offers a warm, inviting Finishing System not only for basements but for home theaters, commercial space and quiet rooms above grade. 

When using this unique system, the advantages over drywall are many and substantial.  SoftWall eliminates the threat of mold.  It increases the insulation value of any wall and provides 85% acoustic efficiency, which is ideal for home offices, home theaters and commercial use.

SoftWall systems were designed to install in a fraction of the time it takes to finish space with drywall.  The labor saving aspect allows SoftWall applications to compete with drywall on an "installed" cost basis.

SoftWall has been used in commercial applications with great success. The removability of the panels has a great impact on both residential and commercial applications.  Residentially, it means access to the grade walls and plumbing in the event repairs are needed.  In commercial use it makes networking and new wire runs simple and fast.  Quick installation helps make the SoftWall system a terrific value with a quiet, warm and rich look.

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Arch Home Improvements: Because Quality Still Matters
Arch Home Improvements: Because Quality Still Matters
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