I Visited a Zoo and Got to Pet an Elephant, a Giraffe, and Penguins WOW!

Posted by Jim Brown on August 27th, 2013

I was raised on a farm so being around farm animals is no big deal.  Petting an elephant IS a big deal.  Folks that haven’t been around farm animals think that 2000 pound Holstein bulls are huge.  When I petted an 8000 pound elephant words seem to fail me.  That’s why all I could think was WOW!

Standing next to the elephant on a warm day, I was cooled by the flapping of her ears.  The trainer warned us not to get to close to them or we could get smacked in the face.

This gentle giant seemed to enjoy the attention as much as we enjoyed petting her.

From there we moved on to the giraffes.  We got to pet them as well as feed them rye crackers.  They definitely enjoyed the crackers.  These friendly animals are amazing to watch.

Petting a penguin is much different than I expected.  Most birds have 14 feathers per square inch.  Penguins have 70.  So petting a penguin was like petting an animal with fur.

To me the most amazing little animal we visited was an aardvark.  This termite eater played like an untrained dog, jumping up on me and having a great time.

This was the most enjoyable time I have had in recent memory.

Adding to that fun time was the fact that the animal handlers seemed to genuinely enjoy working with the animals.



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