How Much Should Windows Cost?

Posted by Jim Brown on March 19th, 2011


Windows should enhance the overall appearance of a home.


The other day a banker friend called me and asked for a “safe” price to figure for replacement windows.  He was working with his clients, and they were trying to budget some home improvements.


I know he was shocked by the price.  Why?  Because the under $200 guys have many people believing that you can actually get a window for under $200.  To be fair you can get a window for this price.  It’s just not a window most of us would want, and very few are sold at that price.


This ridiculous price does get their phone to ring and that’s their goal.


Why wouldn’t you want this window in your home?


It comes nowhere near meeting the EngeryStar requirements set by the government for energy efficiency.   They can “doctor it up” to meet these requirements, but you pay much more and you still have a cheap window. 


These low-end windows tend to be square and boxy.  Little or no consideration is given to the overall appearance of your home.


If you choose to deal with these guys you could find yourself paying for “extras” like hauling your old windows away.  Other “extras” may include proper insulation, exterior aluminum wrap and extra trim work. 


If you live in a pre-1978 home the EPA requires lead testing.  If lead is present lead remediation is required. 


All this adds to the cost of your window installation.  You should expect a competent window company to give you one total price for your project.


Well then, what should you pay for a quality window job?


Remodeling Magazine has created a cost vs. value breakdown for many home improvement projects including windows.  These figures come from real estate appraisers and others, not home improvement contractors.


Our company, Arch Home Improvements, deals directly with the manufacture which enables us to routinely beat these prices.  But as you study these prices you can see that they are nowhere in the neighborhood of $189.


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